LSU v. Coastal Carolina: 10 Stats that Matter Most

LSU meets Coastal Carolina for the first time ever in baseball this weekend as the Chanticleers–that scary-looking rooster adorning the top of this page–will be visiting Alex Box Stadium to start a three-game set this weekend in the Baton Rouge Super Regional. The winner heads to Omaha for the College World Series, the loser heads home for summer ball. Here are 10 of the most important statistics heading into this SEC v. Big South matchup.

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Win with Valek! – A Passionate Request to Start the “embattled” pitcher

Surprisingly, LSU is in the hole after going up 2-0 in the Baton Rouge Regional. In one game, the Tigers went from wielder-of-the-big-stick to fighting for their lives on their own home turf. The Tigers lost to Rice 10-6 Monday night as the Owls finished off their Monday with 25 runs scored in two games securing a winner-take-all game seven on foreign soil Tuesday afternoon.

The question that remains after three games in the Baton Rouge Regional for the Tigers is, who will start game 7?

There’s two guys I can think of: One, a “known quantity” guy. An established pitcher. And another, a newcomer who has decent numbers from a surmised lesser baseball market. One is Jared Poche and the other is John Valek.

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ESPN (still) hates College Baseball.

Not too long ago, I wrote on this exact same topic. Today we revisit ESPN’s progress in projecting the college baseball tournament as a feature event.

Starting at noon tomorrow, there will be 96 total hours of college baseball on display–from 12 noon to 12 midnight–featuring teams from all across this great sporting country of ours. Of those 96 hours (32 games) would you like to know how many hours ESPN will dedicate to delivering college baseball’s premiere postseason tournament to your television? 15.  That’s right, FIF-TEEN!

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