Two Different Teams, Two Different Timelines, One Great Trade

The Cleat Sheet

1404531585000-USATSI-7950167   <—>  addison_Russell-3

Athetics Receive: P – Jeff Smardzija and P – Jason Hammel 

Cubs Receive : SS – Addison Russell, OF – Billy McKinney, and P – Dan Straily

It is entirely possible that this is the lone big trade of the 2014 season. With so many teams vying for a playoff spot, due to the great parody this season and the additional wild card spot, it is unlikely that several more trades of significance will happen. However, the one that did occur while most of us were on our third brat and fourth PBR was the biggest firework of the night. The Cubs sent their top two starters, both with sub 3.00 ERAs to the Athletics for prospects and an MLB ready pitcher. This was a great move for both teams.

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