College World Series, The Final Four

CWS Final4

Four teams have made their way to the final grouping out of the field of 64 from which we started.  Not all four are equal, though, as Texas and Ole Miss are still technically playing from the loser’s bracket and need to beat Vanderbilt and Virginia, respectively, twice to move on to the Championship series–which will start on Monday night.  All four teams will be in action today.  Vanderbilt and Texas will play in the afternoon and Virginia and Ole Miss will be the prime time nightcap–see, I say nightcap along with prime time because I’m married with kids and I don’t party like you young folks do.

Expected Starters for Friday

Vanderbilt Tyler Ferguson — W/L  8-3 — ERA 2.51 — Bat Average against .199

Virginia Josh Sborz — W/L  5-4 — ERA 3.04 — Bat Average against  .204

Texas Nathan Thornhill — W/L  8-3 ERA    1.63 — Bat Average against  .209

Ole Miss Chris Ellis — W/L  10-2 ERA  2.40 — Bat Average against   .260


CWS Brackets Final4
Four teams remain with Vanderbilt and Virginia undefeated. Ole Miss and Texas would need to win twice in order to reach the Championship Series.
CWS 4 teams
Virginia, Ole Miss, Texas and Vanderbilt remain alive in the CWS. Conferences represented in the remaining teams are the SEC (2), ACC and Big 12. Team averages were taken before the start of the tournament. 1-50 Rec = A teams win percentage versus teams currently ranked in the top 50 of the RPI. All RPI data supplied by

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