Regionals: A Story by Numbers


Above are the numbers for each regional which are averages for each team within the regional’s Batting Average, ERA, Fielding Percentage.  I’ve also included total number of CWS appearances, Championships, Top 50 Win Percentages and Overall Win Percentages for each team by regional site.  I think it tells quite the story on what we can expect to see this weekend out of each regional.

The second chart, on the right, is an average of the rankings of the numbers on the left. Essentially, those regionals with a smaller number can say statistically that their teams hold better numbers in the statistics noted on the left.  It could be further assumed that those numbers imply that the regionals with smaller number have a higher concentration of quality teams relative to the field.  Though that would be a leap, I think it’s a reasonable leap, even if it isn’t completely defined.  The weighted average above attempts to lessen the importance of fielding relative to batting average and team ERA.  The latter two are counted twice and a team’s fielding percentage, though still important, is only counted once.  For argument’s sake I included a non-weighted average.  The final column for the chart on the right is the Committee’s assumed ranking for each regional based on their positions in the overall bracket and the top 8 seeds.

To read the chart on the right one could start by saying: the Baton Rouge Regional, the 8th best regional, has the highest average of fielding teams, batting teams and pitching teams–including having the best overall hitting and pitching averages.

Strangely enough, many media outlets–especially local ones–have hailed the committee’s selections and pairings which seems to overlook the obvious.  It is true that no one immediately hears Bryant, Houston or Southeastern and immediately thinks of baseball powerhouses–and they’re not–but these are three good teams that relatively should be either paired elsewhere or paired differently at the very least.  All of this, however, matters not.  Games will be played this weekend and, likely, LSU will play strong and, hopefully, will prevail.  That being said, we’ll review these findings next week to see what became of each regional and also to review the super regional pairings.



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