NFL after 6 weeks….where do we stand?


The Bassford Matrix continued its middling ways this past weekend only selecting 9 winners (of the 15 games played) correctly.  That brings the average down to the above noted 67.1%.  Just weeks ago the Matrix was above 70%.  What can you do, right?  Image

The above is the post-week 6 prognostication based on current values.  Again, no one can stomach an AFC West final but more and more that is what it’s looking like.  Seriously, is there anyone touting the absence of Manning Face in the playoffs for the Broncos?  Who else ya got in the AFC?  You think that Patriots defense is going to go into Arrowhead and steal one from the newly dubbed “loudest crowd in football“.  I don’t.  Not after the Patriots just did all they could to give the Saints another victory this past weekend (no I don’t want to talk about the Saints loss, I’m still not over and you shouldn’t be either!)


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